I signed up for a course in self hypnosis last week and I’m on lesson three.  Being a very undisciplined person, I figure this might help me get through the rough spots when I’m tempted to do something I’m trying to avoid – such as sugar, too much time in front of the TV, failure to go to the gym etc. etc. ad nauseam.


There’s a mean little man living in my brain who often tempts me to undermine my good intentions.

His name is Unconscious and he’s a slippery little thing. No one  knows for sure exactly how much of our mind is conscious and subconscious.  It’s believe we about 10 percent of our brain activity is conscious and 90 percent is unconscious according to Victoria Gallagher, who developed the self hypnosis program available at Hyptalk.com.

Her program is based on the idea that the subconscious mind will do whatever we ask it to do. There are no limits to what our subconscious mind will do for us–only the limits we place upon it (and ourselves) through the beliefs (programs) we have created during our lives.

If we have a belief that it’s not likely that we’ll ever be rich, our subconscious will do everything in its power to see that our belief comes true for us. The subconscious mind does not discriminate when it comes to thoughts and feelings; it responds to fearful thoughts as well as loving thoughts.

Will power is a function of the conscious mind, says Gallagher. It is only there to get you through the short term, say to eat right and do one more pushup than you did yesterday.

It is not the most effective way to change a long-term, deeply rooted program.  Because over time, your subconscious programming will generally over take any of your efforts supported only by mere will power.  It’s simply not more powerful than the subconscious mind and that is why people tend to fail to keep those promises they make to themselves to change.

Hmmm. So that’s my problem. Now what?

We get our programs and our habits through experience of daily life.  Also through repetition.  An example of a program is learning to drive.  When you first learned to drive, you had to be extremely aware, utilizing your conscious mind.  Now that you have driven probably 1000’s of times, it is ingrained in your subconscious mind and you don’t even think about it anymore.  This frees up your conscious mind to think about other things while your subconscious mind performs the task of driving.  Same thing with the habit of eating, drinking, or smoking.  Whether the habits you have are negative or positive, they are strongly set in place and you will always continue to reinforce those habits, until you re-program your subconscious mind to do something else.

But, there are some programs that you know on a conscious level, limit you from living the life you want.  And so how do you get to them so you can use your conscious mind to create new habits?.

In Hypnosis, we get the mind into a very relaxed and aware state. It’s like sweet talking the gatekeeper to let us in.  Some of us have gatekeepers which are much more resistant than others.  However, all gatekeepers find the effects of the alpha state of mind simply irresistible.  And it nods off and lets us in to reprogram your subconscious mind.

You still maintain 100% conscious control of this process.

When you hear a suggestion in hypnosis, it is first censored by your conscious mind.  Remember, the conscious mind analyzes and makes decisions so it will still do that.  It will say, “Yes, I would like to quit smoking, lose weight, be more motivated, have more money etc.”  And when that choice is made, that program goes straight to the subconscious mind without any interference from having to match up that information with existing information, the job of the critical factor, which is taking a nap.

If you were to hear any kind of suggestion in hypnosis that doesn’t align with your personal values, your conscious mind will simply toss out those suggestions and not allow them to be absorbed by your subconscious mind at all.

Again, you are the one in control.  You are the gatekeeper and you can accept or reject whatever information you want.  I don’t think I’m getting it yet – but tomorrow I’ll learn how to begin reprogramming my mind.  If you’re interested in getting the program, it’s free at Hyptalk.com.

4 thoughts on “Hyptalk

  1. My subconscious mind is running a muck….it never does what I tell it to do….and I enjoy every minute it’s not listening to me.

    Oh and here’s a good one. Years ago my insurance paid for me to go to Therapy. I was having headaches and nothing could keep my head from hurting. My insurance paid for me to go to a Hypnotist Psychiatrist twice a week for 3 months.

    Now you should know that I got a CB Radio just before these headaches started. So after 3 Months in Therapy, my CB Radio broke and my headaches stopped. It was determined that the frequency of the CB was giving me headaches…

    But……after being hypnotized twice a week for 3 months….I had great results.

    I STOPPED SMOKING !! go figure.

    Good results….

  2. Daddy took a course in hypnosis to try to deal better with his young patients. He hypnotized me and suggested I should apply myself to my school work. I made straight a’s that year, but I think I developed an eating disorder about the same time!!

  3. Have always had a strong belief in the powers of the mind. Two things readily come to mind…as a young girl, I would see women who were pregnant get so very huge and I would tell myself that I would never let that happen to me. I gained 25 pounds with my pregnancies, but I gained it all over and never wore maternity clothes. Was actually put in a regular ward when I went to the hospital to deliver and had to remind the nurse I was a maternity patient.
    20 years ago this coming May I was diagnosed with chronic lymphacitic leukemia. I remember telling my first oncologist I would never allow that to be a problem. My current oncologist, after reading the blood reports and doing the physical checks, would just sit on his stool and shake his head. He said “Patricia, in all my years of treating cancer patients, I have never had a patient whose white blood count and blood precentages remained almost constant with NO treatment ever. I don’t know how to explain this.” I told him that I knew why…of all the people I know who have been diagnosed with the same problem, some many years after my diagnosis, I am the only one who smokes. And I don’t dare quit as that may be what is keeping me alive. The others are all gone to their rewards. Go figure.

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