I can dream, can’t I?

Have you ever seen a photograph of a garden or a room that just speaks to you.  As I was trying to figure out how to “open up” my small 1888 cottage, I happened across the photo above.  It was love at first sight.

Since my dining room is never used and is similar in layout to the “dream room,” I think I’ll take a sledge hammer and create the passages on either side of my dining room fireplace to mimic the flow into the front rooms of my house.

dininnng room 002

I asked my friend Olivia for advice and she agrees I should do it, but wondered where I would “put” the dining room. Oh, heck.  I really shouldn’t be eating so much anyway.

The old room is way too frou-frou for my 21st century taste anyway. All I really have to do is tear out the wall behind the grandfather clock which hasn’t worked since I lived in New Orleans.  There may be a few other pesky problems – like supporting walls.

I can still dream, and maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to actually do something about it.

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