I don’t lie to you…


Those words were made famous – in the Golden Triangle at least – by a Ford dealer in Columbus.  You know instinctively, he DOES lie, just from the way he says it.

The Ford dealer is not alone.  We all lie when we are in a pinch – sometimes for good reason. 


“Does this to make me look fat?” you ask.

“No, it makes you look downright skinny,” I respond.  That makes two lies in one sentence. I become  a double-faced liar.

Lying is a major source of human stress, says psychologist Brad Blanton who operates something called “Radical Honesty Workshops” in New Mexico.

“Lying kills people,” says Blanton.  “It saps our energy, making us sick destroying the very relationships we think we’re protecting.

“Live out loud,” he tells people. “Tell people what you feel about them.  You may suffer in the short run, but you’ll feel immeasurable better down the road.”

That sounds both awful and seductive at the same time.  I don’t think I can go that far, especially if it meant hurting someone’s feelings, but I can do much better in the area of stretching the truth to make myself look better.  (I’m fooling no one, not even myself.)

I’m declaring today Radical Honesty Day.  Let’s see how long we can go before telling a little white lie.  Hold the Big Whoppers altogether. It’s just for 24 hours.

One thought on “I don’t lie to you…

  1. Sometimes I tell people I would rathter not answer at this time. I really try not to even tell white lies. I never lie to Emily, It’s a deal we have with each other. It is a lot easier to remember the truth.

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