I have naked ladies standing in my garden


naked ladies3

No need to call the cops.

Tall, curvaceous, and rosy pink, Amaryllis belladona, or belladonna lilies, popped up overnight.

They are most often referred to as "naked ladies." They are one of the most foolproof — and beautiful — bulbs you can grow.

Why Belladonna Lilies are Called "Naked Ladies"
The reason for their racy nickname is

obvious once you see them. Their pink, fragrant flowers bloom atop 2-foot-high, leafless, "naked" stalks. The large, trumpet-like flowers put on a show, with 6 to 12 flowers to a cluster.  While light pink is the most common color, they’re also available in red, mauve, and white, usually with contrasting yellow throats.

These hardy bulbs have a strange life cycle. The strap-like, deep green leaves appear in spring and die away by midsummer, long before a bloom appears.

My aunt Emma gave me a start of the ‘ladies.’  She told me that when she was having her house painted, she warned the painters about stepping on the naked ladies over on the north side of the house.  She said they bolted around back to see the Naked Ladies.  I’m sure they were disappointed.

2 thoughts on “I have naked ladies standing in my garden

  1. Oh, Emily, I have them in more than one bed and wondered what they were! They are so beautiful!

  2. Where are they Yvonne? I didn’t know you had them either. I thought I was the only person on our block. See, there you go again, out-doing me. I’ll put on my new Skechers and come take a look when the sun goes down! I remain the ONLY person in the Overstreet Historic District with a pair of Skechers – so there!!!

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