I love living in ‘The Projects’

Living in the Projects 031

It just occurred to me that living right on top of your neighbors has its perks.

I overheard my neighbors yelling across the garden fence just now and strolled out to check out what I was missing.

Jeremy, my new neighbor at right,  was grilling  tillapia and the buttery smells were wafting down the block.  People were drifting outside for the first time in months.

Ben, at left, is my city councilman, so it was a great time to go out and complain about the traffic lights in this town.  You can wash and dry your hair before you get a green light.

Living in the Projects 034

Ben wasn’t concerned about that tonight. He just wanted us to see his 10-point buck. If he wasn’t so cute I would have given him a piece of my mind.

Even though it was going on 8 p.m., people I haven’t seen since last September were venturing out to socialize – on a Wednesday night- during the most depressing week of the year no less!

Yes, I heard on the radio today that the third week in January is the most depressing week in the year for most people.  Christmas has come and gone. The credit card bills are arriving and spring is so very far away.  

We made the best of it tonight and I thank God everyday of my life that I get to live in Starkvegas, and the Montgomery Street ‘projects.’

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