I made the top ten


Finally, I’m in the top ten of something, even if I had nothing to do with it. 

The thing I’m in the top ten of, is most popular names for babies in 2011.

Number uno are Isabella and Jacob.  The number two slot goes to Sophia and Ethan.  Number three is Emma and Michael.  Olivia beat me out for the number four slot – Jayden for boys (Jayden?  Never heard that name).

Number five is Ava and William. My youngest son is William and he’s 37.  (I was so ahead of my time.) And, ta da, Emily and Alexander come in Number 6.  Abigail and Noah  and Madison and Daniel are seventh and eighth, and Chloe and Aiden claim the ninth spot.  Mia and Anthony score the tenth place.

If you didn’t make it, so what.  And if you think I’m in a blog slump, you’re so right.  All’s well in my world and I’m off to spend the day piddling and puttering in the garden.  Brenda left bright and early to go pick corn in her ex-husband’s garden (how’s that for promoting peace in the world?).

My taste buds are about to explode in anticipation of some roasted sweet corn tonight. 

4 thoughts on “I made the top ten

  1. When I chose the name Emily for my daughter in 1979, I knew only 2 others with that name, one was a student of mine, and the other was an elderly family member. Now they are EVERYWHERE!!

  2. I KNOW! Emily was unheard of when I came along. Actually, I’m misspelling it. My birth certificate reads Emilie. Thank goodness I don’t have an ie on the end of my name – way too cutsie!

  3. Mother,

    I am NOT 37. You have your facts wrong. I am 32 or in the future you could not mention my age or your age will have to come up more in conversation…. 🙂

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