I need to stop losing stuff, but how?


I need one of these door organizers to go around my neck!


I’ve got to stop losing stuff.  Take yesterday, for example.

First, my cell phone went MIA for about 12 hours.  I felt pretty sure it was in the car since I spoke to several people as I traveled to pick up Lucky Dawg and Rebel who were spending the week with my aunt. Since I have no land line any longer, I was cut off from life as I knew it.

I had to borrow Margaret Ann’s cell phone and go sit in the car and repeatedly call myself in order to sniff it out.  It had fallen down between the driver’s seat and the console and was hiding behind the seat belt.  Whew.

Then, I lost my camera while having dinner at Margaret Ann’s.  The entire party had to go on a camera hunt.  We found it in the rose garden where I laid it down to smell the roses, I guess.

Now, I find my wallet is missing.  I discovered it missing when I stopped by the Jiggly Wiggly to pick up some dog food on the way home from Margaret Ann’s.  Funny how they won’t let you buy a thing without money.  I promised to come pay as soon as I found my wallet.   They didn’t even care that my puppies were hungry.

So I wonder.  Where the heck’s the wallet containing my driver’s license, check book, credit cards, debit card and list of what I’m supposed to do today – no shoes, no money, no service!  I’m hoping it’s at Margaret Ann’s, since I unloaded my handbag several times looking for the camera and the cell phone.

These were the worst case scenarios, but I lose numerous less important things in the course of a day.

I’ll put a cup of coffee in the microwave and walk away, want coffee some time later and look high and low for that coffee cup! I’ll be hungry and put something in the nuker,  walk away and forget not only that I was hungry, but that food was in the microwave – till I find it the next day.

I spend so much energy focusing on not forgetting one thing that I forget everything else.

I read that the combination of postmenopausal symptoms enhance the ADHD experience four fold! I hope it’s nothing more sinister.

I am open to all advice and tips for creating organization in my life. Thanks. Now, where the blank are my reading glasses?  Opps.  Here they are –  on my head.

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