I should be banned from social media


I thought I was so savvy, so “with it.”

In 2008, I started a blog about nothing. It finances my caffeine habit and connects me with all seven continents. I thought I was a successful blogger.

But I never got the point of Facebook, so I quit that. Pinterest looked intriguing.

I joined and began “pinning” everything in sight.  Food mostly.  I noticed my only followers were “literary” types.  People like the chairman of the board of the New England Conservatory of Novelists and descendants of Ernest Hemmingway. They sent ugly notes.

Braddock dropped by this morning to see if I was still alive. I showed him how I wasn’t getting anything remotely interesting on Pinterest.   I had pinned all my treasured recipes  under “Book Reviews”

2 thoughts on “I should be banned from social media

  1. Hysterical!! Emily, that could just as easily have been me! I don’t get pintrest but have started “tweeting” from my work webpage… I’m still confused about hash marks and ats… when do I use each # or @?

  2. I’m impressed that you tweet. Maybe you can teach me how when Marie, Judy and I visit this fall. Incidentally, I’m walking an hour a day – Jack calls it our “Bob Hope workout.” Maybe I’ll be ready for some mountain trains in Fayetteville.

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