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Rhonda Keenums luncheon 023

Yesterday MSU’s first lady, Rhonda Keenum, entertained dozens of her friends with a spectacular luncheon in the MSU President’s home. Pictured about dig into the second course is Lindsey Wiseman, Starkville’s own First Lady.

Rhonda Keenums luncheon 025

Rhonda, came up with a novel idea for presenting the tired old summer salad.  In fact, it was so unusual I didn’t even realize it was a salad until someone discovered it contained all the ingredients of a classic Cobb Salad.

Rhonda Keenums luncheon 024The ingredients had been packed in layers into a Styrofoam cup and unmolded onto the plate.  It was accompanied by a chilled cucumber soup and concluded with another layered strawberry parfait.  Perfect.  Now I’m about to try packing salad makings into a cup to see if I can duplicate the presentation. Melita Tomlinson (at left) was the first to figure out how Rhonda did it.  Pictured over her shoulder is Amy Head, the owner-operator of Amy Head Cosmetics based in Jackson, in whose honor the luncheon was held.

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