I’m not insane after all – I just have LFT


Low frustration tolerance. Have you heard of it? I think I have it.

I got really crazy this morning, when  my cable television went haywire for the third day in a row. I was watching an old Mary Tyler Moore rerun and suddenly I was listening to Rap music.  It I went temporarily insane, and banged the remote on my bedside table and said something my mother would have spanked me for.

The man at Metrocast told me to unplug the sets and plug them back up, and all would be well.  Easy for him to say. He doesn’t have to slide a 200 year old dresser that weighs a half ton away from the wall, every time this happens. I miss Direct-TV – but had to let it go when my boys game me a high def set and I have too many trees for the dish to hit the high def satellite.

I raced to the kitchen and picked up my iPad and  googled “how to deal with frustration.” It told me that Low Frustration Syndrome (LFT) will kill me if I can’t get it under control.  Another name for my debilitation is “Can’t stand it-itis.” I tend to “awfulize” the most minor of irritations, so I simply avoid them – I think they call it Procrastination. I get frustrated driving across town and watching the news. I get frustrated when I can’t open a jar of mayonnaise or when some able bodied person parks in the handicap zone.  The older I get, the greater are my frustrations.

You may have this malady:

If you feel upset when things proceed slowly and can’t be settled quickly.
Feel quite angry when someone keeps you waiting.
Feel very sorry for yourself when things go wrong.
Feel unable to persist at things you start, especially when the going gets hard.

Let’s face it, my frustrations are minor and only temporary, and they won’t kill me unless I continue to let LFS get the best of me.At least this disability has a name, but I’ll be darned if I know what to do about it.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’ve love to hear them.

9 thoughts on “I’m not insane after all – I just have LFT

  1. Don’t you just love the increased level of quality of viewing & outstanding customer service we have from Metrocast to go along with the latest rate increase? I’ve had to do the unplug thing to two sets 3 times in about the last week. BTW–it’s easier to unplug the power cord from the box than it is to move the furniture.

  2. Emily, rush right out and buy yourself one of those power strips that plugs into the wall and then you plug in your tv, etc. to the strip. I used to have the same problem with my computer. When I needed to unplug it, had to get under the desk my computer is on to access the wall outlet. With my cranky knees, was so hard to get up again. Now, all I need do is press the power on/off button on the power strip and no more crawling under the desk. Try it, you will like it.

  3. Bubba, I’m paying $99 a month for this “service” I paid $89 for Direct and now I have to move furniture every morning to get reception? So what do I do?

  4. Same thing I do. Grit your teeth & think warm fuzzy thoughts about our lovely cable company. Since they are so concerned with their customers that they’ve made it almost impossible to get a real person on the phone (people who answer in New York don’t count) that’s about all you can do. You do remember that they have to be awarded the franchise periodically by our city fathers…right?

    What I meant earlier was that if you can take the power cord loose from where it attaches to the device, it’s easier than pulling a plug out of the wall. Failing that, a power strip with a switch on it might be a good idea.

  5. I’d rather call and moan and complain. I’m paying $99 a month for this lousy service and when I had direct TV it was only $82. I get about 5o fewer stations. And my tvs aren’t in sink. The one in the den is about 10 seconds ahead of the one in the kitchen. Going to be hard trying to watch the superbowl tonight. Some people will be in the kichen and some in the den so we’ll have to cut the sound on one I guess.

  6. There is an old Jewish hand story that might apply.
    The thumb is for procuring transportation.
    The pinky is for cleaning out the ears.
    The index finger is for indication direction.
    The ring finger is for promises.
    And the middle finger is for relieving stress.

  7. Hi Emily , I can certainly relate. 3 mornings in a row I was watching Good Morning America )which serves as my
    timer to know how much longer I have to get ready
    for work)…and pow…out comes some Spanish salsa
    music. Even Callie Jane, the cat, was horrified.
    I live 2 minutes from work, but I must have my trusty
    GMA to keep me on track. Needless to say, I was late
    for work 3 mornings.
    Yep, as Pat says, the power cord thing worked great
    for my TV in my sun room, but I don’t have one
    in my kitchen. I’m in a wheelchair and can barely
    reach the plug. Guess I’ll have to invest in a power
    cord for there also.
    Counting to 10 doesn’t help , screeming at the cat
    didn’t help, but what did help is that I managed to
    find an “Easy Listening Station” for music that did
    sooth the situation. Help us please Metro Cast.

  8. I am glad to know the condition has a name. LFT. Some days it is worse than others. I think having a sixteen year old daughter is increasing the frequency of the attacks.

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