The Deluded Diva

I’m sleeping in the greenhouse tonight

no heat 002

Nice fire, no heat.

If I have a few typos please forgibe me, but I’m tyking with my globes on.

Those cords you see are my life line – heating the tiny electric blanket B gave me for Christmas eons ago. I didn’t care for the color, but suddenly, I’m so cold I’m rendered color blind!

Not only do I still not have central heat, but my trusty gas logs have decided to go on the fritz- the ones by which I do my reading, tv watching and snoozing. No more. The fire is working, but the blowers are eerily silent. That means I have a lovely roaring fire to watch, but it doesn’t put out a modicum of heat.

The gas logs in my dining room fireplace wouldn’t work until yesterday. Mark, my hero from the gas company came out and got those cranked up. Problem is, there’s no where to lounge about in the dining room. I guess I could sleep on the dining room table – it’s either there or the greenhouse…those are the only two warm places at my address.

My bed in the greenhouse awaits.

It will be December 15 before the part comes for my central heat, and my friend Artis Davis came and crawled into the fireplace trying to restore the blower in the den fireplace. It was obvious he knew about as much as I did about the inner workings of those second generation of gas logs. The ones in the dining room are first generation – I guess those are easier toooo, brrrr, fix.

Funny, he could rig me up with a new remote control to the fireplace , but not rig the heat. Bless his heart he tried. His service man won’t be here until Tuesday.

TUESDAY? I’ll be stone cold frozen by Tuesday. I can hear Lucky Dawg and Rebel discussing how to run away.

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