Incarceration proves worthwhile


This is day 19 of my unexpected incarceration for a crime I committed in the 1970s and 80s.

I long for the “outside” as much as any hardened criminal.  My crime? The serial wearing of stilettos for two decades which turned my left foot into the shape of Peter Pan’s. 



So surgery was the only option if I’m not to live out my life in a wheel chair.  I was sentenced to one month of no walking, no driving, no dancing, no gardening and no sugar since I had removed it from my home and have no way to replenish my supply (thank heavens).

I committed to no sugar, no processed food, no meat (except seafood for the month.  Netflix are my only guilty pleasure now that my new book “Aging Fearlessly” has been sent to editor.

In addition to improving my health I have had ample time to think about how I wont to live the rest of my life.  Oh, and I have learned a little patience of which I had NONE, Nada. Here are a few things that have helped:

  • I’m spreading out my tasks so that I’m doing only one thing at a time, and letting some things go – making the bed for example, It’s just too frustrating trying to back up and turn sharp corners on my one-legging scooter which I once thought so wonderful.  Now, I despise it and when this is all over I shall take it to the auto cemetery and watch someone crush it.
  • I have learned to accept help from others.  I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to allow anyone to do anything for me.  I was born with it and it’s not going to change but sometimes, when your favorite pot of begonias is screaming they are thirsty you just have to give in to your stubborn streak and  ask someone to do it.  I asked a psychologist about this disorder of not wanting help and he said it is a social disorder and takes the place of stuttering and stammering.. I think that’s a bunch of hooey and I just don’t like imposing on people.

    These things have helped but the stress and frustration return without warning like when the back wheel of my tricycle catches up on a piece of furniture and I drag it 20 feet wondering why the ride has become to difficult. As I try to dislodge the darn thing, I scream obscenities while Rebel and Lucky Dawg run for the hills thinking they have done something awful.  The cat, who has been named Scaredy Cat, has been gone for 18 hours.

    Imsu’ve taken to wearing a MSU helmut and knee pads because I’ve had three accidents which caused bumps and bruises. 

    Why didn’t someone tell me thirty years ago that wearing high heels would cause so much angst in my advanced years.  I would have probably done it anyway, so now I’m paying the price. 

    Oh, and Dr. Altmeyer says I’ll be wearing cute shoes again by Christmas!  Wonder how “high” I can go? 

    7 thoughts on “Incarceration proves worthwhile

    1. I LOVE netflix………Rosemary and Hyacynth……are a hoot………..Midsomer Murders………….and that hunk, Morse…….he about does it for me………
      giving up sugar was over the top Emily…………ma

    2. I am so thankful to able to pass this on to a few friends nearing 60 who are still in those high heels.

      When you give someone the chance to so something for you, it is truly a gift to them, more so than the helping is a gift to you. I too have struggled mightily with this social disorder and have worked very hard on it.

    3. where is my brain? don’t answer that, it’s Rosemary and Thyme……I knew that

    4. What some obviously consider an imposition is actually their perception …NOT the person with good intentions who might just feel some degree of rejection by being denied the opportunity to perform an act of kindness, Doesn’t the good book say it is more blessed to give than receive?

      Somebody say AMEN!!

    5. Mary Ann, we could be roommates. I too have a crush on Morse and LOVE Midsommer Murders. I’m watching all 13 seasons for second time and have developed a British accent.

      Jonna and Bevo, you have given me something to chew on (that’s about all I can chew on since in my present condition I’m burning about 50 calories a day).
      Thank you for your comments

    6. Regarding those “neat” shoes we all wore back in the day. They certainly ruined my feet, but I’m determined to not have surgery. I see girls to day wearing those high heals with the pointy toes, and I just have to sigh. “Bless their hearts”. Maybe by the time they need orthopedic shoes they will be cuter than they are today.

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