Intrigued by cotton blossoms

shreveport 018

I picked this bloom early this a.m. before my nervous breakdown.

After spending several days in the Mississippi and Louisiana Delta, I was stunned by the simple beauty of the cotton blossoms which are popping out like crazy.

images I picked one– and plunked it into an empty cup – no water.  It held up beautifully until I could get to a gas station and put it in water.

If I hadn’t left it in a hot car in 99.9 degree temperatures for several hours, I think it would still be beautiful tonight.

Wonder why we don’t see more cotton blossom arrangements in our homes in the South.  To think these flowers make way for the “fabric of our lives.”  They are as beautiful as any orchid I’ve ever seen.


We cruised some of the most beautiful cotton fields I’ve ever seen. I have such a chore keeping my .00001 tenth of an acre weed free and I marveled at the thousands and thousands of acres with nary a weed.

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