Is big hair on the way back?


I was reviewing some photos from Fashion Week underway in New York, City, and  was very excited to see all the BIG FAT HAIR.

I’ve been waiting for 45 years for monster hair to come back in style.  The photo at left could have been me at my senior prom – well all except for the shoes.  (Are those ice skates?)

Of course, I never really stopped wearing “hair up to there.”  I figure it makes me taller.

Vera-Wang-black-tan Here I am at right on my way to attend a fraternity swap at Ole Miss in 1967.

Oooh la la, I’m liking the new spring look except for the shoes.  What’s up with those?

The only thing left to complete a perfect spring look would be monster shoulder pads.  Boy, would that ever balance off a hippy girl.

All these looks are from Vera Wang.  I sure hope she has a crystal ball.

Vera-Wang-blue Please note that all the poofy doos are leaning way out to the model’s right –Think that portends a move toward the right, politically speaking?

Hmmm.  Something to think about.

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