Is it a bump in the road or only a cul de sac?


Have you ever been singing sweetly, cruising along on auto pilot, admiring the landscape, and looking for the best life can offer?

Suddenly you hit a bump in the road and it  jars you back into reality?

That happened today.  My family met a challenge that I don’t know how to navigate.

My step mother took a nasty fall and broke a leg and a wrist. My daddy is 85 and Miss Martha is 83.  This will be hard to overcome, but I think we will face it as a cul de sac.

We will circle around and find a way out – by the grace of God.  I’ll tell you one thing – thank goodness for Pat – Daddy’s assistant and right arm during much of his medical practice.  She stepped up as always and helped soften the blow.

7 thoughts on “Is it a bump in the road or only a cul de sac?

  1. Please give Ms. Martha a hug and wish her a speedy recovery. She was one of those that inspired me to teach.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Ms. Martha!!! Please tell her that my mother fell and broke her wrist when she too was 83. Hers mended well, it just took a while. I think I recall Mother telling me that Ms. Martha gave her driving lessons, but I may be mistaken.

  3. Emily, so sorry to hear about Miss Martha. My mother broke her leg the week before Christmas. Dr. Butler in Starkville did the surgery. She is at Dugan now for rehab . At 91 I know it will be a long battle for her. Please tell Miss Martha I am thinking about her and will try to check on her when I am in West Point. Tell your dad “Hi” for me, too.

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Miss Martha’s fall and injury. Please tell her that I am keeping her and Dr. Braddock in my prayers and will hope for a full and speedy recovery. She is one of my favorite teachers from high school and also from church.

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