Is it ‘is’ or is it ain’t?


I guess we can celebrate something every day of the year if we look hard enough.  Today’s (August 17) list of daily observances informed me that this is “the meaning of ‘is’ day.”

Say what? 

On this day back in 1998, during the grand jury hearings that sought to clarify President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton engaged in

some semantic side-stepping by stating:  "It depends on what your meaning of ‘is’ is.  If ‘is’ means ‘is and never has been’ that’s one thing – if it means ‘there is none,’ that was a completely true statement."

Okey, dokey, that’s clear as mud. Clinton also parsed the meanings of "alone," "sexual relations" and "sex." His testimony was later televised to the nation on September 21.

Ahhh… good ol’ semantics.  If you’re not crazy about that observance, you can also celebrate National Thrift Shop today.  We have a wonderful thrift store in my town – it’s called Palmer Home and it was established to help raise funds for a very fine children’s home in Columbus.

My neighbor Yvonne, found a dynamite rug there.  Think I’ll go over and snoop around in honor of today’s observance.  Whatever you decide to celebrate – make it something and have a great day.

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