Is your messy house making you fat?


Several months ago I caught the tail-end of a segment on Oprah as she interviewed organizational guru Peter Walsh.  He had just written as book entitled “Does this clutter make my butt look fat?”

I thought it was pretty funny title, but instantly forgot it.  Yesterday, I was wandering around Barnes and Noble – I had to, because my house had gotten so disorderly with Christmas decorations still laying about – I had to get away from it all.  I checked out the books as I sipped on a caramel latte (about 500 calories).

Bingo.  There was Walsh’s book.  So I claimed the last easy chair and read the whole thing.  Had a brownie to go with the latte!  There’s the proof that my house is making me fat! Just recognizing myself in his book – with all my clutter and inability to let go of things that no longer serve me – are making me depressed, and depression can only be cured with chocolate and peanut butter in my world.

Walsh said being fat is easier than working, easier than raising a family, easier than making money, and definitely easier than getting up and switching off the TV and taking care of business around the house. He believes our obsession with being instantly gratified and wanting to have everything we want now is not only making us fatter but is also creating unrealistic expectations which lead us to assume we can lose weight in the same amount of time as celebrities, and with very little effort.

Walsh has discovered two key factors which link our overfilled homes with our expanding waistlines

“Firstly, clutter is rarely about the stuff, it’s a whole lot deeper than that,” says Walsh. “You need to look beyond the clutter for answers to address the underlying issues whether they be fear of losing memories, worry about the future, low self-esteem, or the inability to move past grief.”

“Secondly, your home is a reflection of you, not just in some airy-fairy way, but in a real and tangible sense,” says Walsh. “It’s no accident that as our homes become more cluttered we’ve become fatter. It makes sense that if your kitchen is clean and organized and your fridge is well-stocked with ingredients for planned meals you’re more likely to cook and think about what you’re really putting into your body.”

Walsh believes anyone can break out of the cluttered-house/clutter-body cycle-they just need to be honest with themselves and be willing to work it. “The fat didn’t appear overnight and won’t disappear overnight so you’re going to have to work at it and implement some new habits.”
clutter_butt_fat Reality check:
The thin clothes that you hope will fit again one day are making you fat.
The baggy clothes you hide behind are making you fat.
The pantry chock full of disorganized food is making you fat.
Even the dining room table covered with mail is making you fat.

“Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” is not a diet or exercise book. In fact, it’s an antidote to all those fad diet books that simply focus on food and what you can and can’t eat. Using his experience as a clutter expert and having helped hundreds of people all over the world, Walsh’s approach is straightforward: organizing your life will help you lose weight. This book is about obtaining a simpler, richer life; one with less clutter and more energy so you can live in the now.

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