It pays to be vigilant


With big corporations trying to increase their bottom lines, they must figure a little padding here and there won’t be noticed.

The phone companies have been doing it for ages.

Add DIRECTV to your Watch List.

Here’s my experience.  My bill last month included a $5.99 charge for a “protection plan.” No big deal.  I called them and said I didn’t request

any protection (I have a bulldog)  and they apologetically agreed to remove the charge. They were very nice.

Today, I received my September bill and was charged $10 for cancellation of the protection plan. Say what?  I’m being charged for canceling a service I never requested in the first place?

I’m one hundredth of one inch close to canceling Direct anyway since they have steadily increased me from the $29.99 a month introductory rate to almost $100  in twenty-four months.  I wish I could get that kind of return on my money.

“Amber” was really nice when I called in, and she instantly credited me for the $10.  It was like she had been told to pacify and return the money to anyone who got wise to their scheme.

I wish so much that I wasn’t addicted to television.  It took me three months to get used to the new channels when I converted from cable to satellite or I would go back to cable tomorrow.

I need to get a life.

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