It’s a sad day for the Jones family

So long Mr. Monk.  You may be leaving the small screan, but you will forever remain in my heart and on my TV set.

One of the best shows of all time, “Monk,” will be ending tonight with its series finale beginning at 8 central time.  I believe the lead up to the finale will be aired at 7 p.m.  I’ll be glued to the set, so don’t anybody call me  during those hours.

Mr. Monk has a special place in my heart and has provided many happy hours spent by the fire tucked between Rebel and Lucky Dawg as we shared a bowl of popcorn and helped him solve the cases.  When that theme music takes off with “It’s a jungle out there,” they begin jumping up and down.  Incidentally, the theme is sung by Randy Newman, another of my favorites.  Everything about this show just came together in perfect alignment as far as I’m concerned.

Having said all this, I admit, there were times when Mr. Monk’s “handicap” became a bit frustrating, but I expect it was true to the realities of the disorder.

It is truly one of the most clever, funny, and well acted shows ever made. The obsessive compulsive and brilliant former detective, Adrian Monk, his devoted sidekick Natalie, and the dapper Captain  Stottlemeyer (who I have a little crush upon), are superb in the sleuth series.  I wasn’t  crazy about the ditzy Randy,  but even he’s beginning to grow on me.

Although I am sad the show is ending, I am thrilled that I have most of the episodes on tape and I can pull them up whenever I’m needing a “Monk fix.”

I understand Tony Shalhoub, who plays Mr. Monk, will be leaving the show to return to Broadway.  At least he will finally know who killed Trudy!

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