July 4th launches countdown to football

Marc's July 4th party 029

My “holiday friends” have been getting together for going on five years of celebrating all the major holidays.  Today was no exception.  We gathered at Marc McGee’s house to celebrate the Fourth of July and eat ourselves into oblivion.

Marc's July 4th party 027

We also took a maiden spin in Marc’s new Mississippi State “tailgate express.”  Some people would call it a golf cart but this vehicle will be used to haul tailgate supplies to the spot we claimed a decade ago.

As a warm-up to tailgate time, we dined on fresh shrimp from the Gulf, barbeque from the Little Dooey, and Coca-cola Cake that pumped our insulin through the roof.  This crowd wasn’t about to slave over a hot grill outdoors.

Marc's July 4th party 025

Jack’s shrimp was cooked to perfection and we were so stuffed we couldn’t bare to cut the homegrown watermelon someone gave Marc.

Marc's July 4th party 032Since one of the members of the “Holiday Club” (Ken) is a Master Gardener he asked Marc for some growing tips.

Marc’s house plant (left) which also doubled as his Charlie Brown Christmas tree, has grown a whopping six feet tall but doesn’t have nary a leaf – except a tiny yellow fluff of straw at the top.  July 4th seemed an appropriate time to give it a proper burial.

I hope everyone had as delightful a holiday as we had.

Less than two months to opening kick-off! I always feel like July 4 ushers in the fall in a twisted sort of way.  All the summer clothes go on sale tomorrow and back to school supplies begin showing up in the stores.  Hallelujah! Is everybody ready for some football?!!

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