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This is dedicated to all my friends out there who find themselves on the wrong side of age 50.  We all get there eventually – if we’re lucky.  Along with it comes the inevitable arthritic pain, (the result of inflammation cause by too many Dunkin Donuts), dangerously high blood pressure, off the chart cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia and even cancer.

choicesDing Dong.This is your wake up call, doll.  So put down the fruit loops and pick up the phone. You’re about to be given a second chance at feeling 22 again.

But, you must stop stalking people on Facebook for hours on end and mainlining Big Macs and French fries. We are going to hide the remote control and become kickass warriors for wellness.  Are you ready?

Now, I’m no doctor but I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about fighting and preventing disease without prescription drugs. I even performed a little experiment on myself by changing my daily menu from non-stop Hallmark movies, a low carb, high fat diet, and trying to keep up with the Joneses (the ones from the wealthy side of the family.)  I have begun each day with prayer, meditation and journaling my thoughts which have become increasingly positive and joyful.  I have restarted an exercise program and I fully expect to glow in the dark in another month if I keep it up.

I still have a few bats in my brain, but they are getting skinnier and are dosing a lot!

As I mentioned in previous posts, my diet is a low glycemic, plant based program with no meat or processed foods. It is designed to restore the body’s ph balance by swearing off so much acidic stuff (meat,dairy, and sugar) and adding more alkaline producing items like fruits, vegetables and water.  I have yet to drop the cheese and caffeine but after the holidays I’m going to give it a stab.

I’ve even devised a recipe for a delicious pumpkin pudding made from canned pumpkin, protein powder, maple syrup and chia seeds.  Delicious.

I’m not going to keep harping on this but when I get excited about something I can’t shut up.

As you might know,  my world was shattered by a cancer diagnosis exactly a year ago– a very bad kind and everyone looked at me with pity that sounded like “So sorry to hear you’re dying.”  I couldn’t believe it myself.  One of my closest friends, Linda Murrah, died of this scourge in 1999 and I couldn’t believe it was happened again.

How did this happen?  I never jay walked, robbed a bank, or ripped the tags off my mattress.  I followed most of life’s rules and took vitamins to offset my poor eating habits. I was notorious for having one glass of wine too often and in rapid succession. I was also a closet smoker, never in public, but please don’t tell my Daddy.  At age 89, he’s not above putting me across his knee.  Thank heavens I gave it up (have you seen the price of a pack of cigarettes these days?).

Medical researcher say that the next generation will be the first to die younger than their parents.  The solution may be as easy as combining smart nutrition and positive lifestyle changes to control stress. Frankly, my “new normal” feels a little like drug induced euphoria.  I’m a believer.

So what’s your cancer?  Is it obesity, depression, heart disease, or diabetes?   Let’s go shop for spinach rather than shoes.  Each small step toward better health will spur us on to another and another. We’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we’re finally treating ourselves like we really matter.

5 thoughts on “Just call all me Dr. Feel Gooder

  1. I am impressed, sometimes the hardest part of a plan is starting! I love you positive updates. I have two friend,one has been fighting terminal cancer for five years. She play golf at least three times a week, more if she can, and walks.

    Another friend’s father has been fighting his terminal cancer for fifteen years. He works harder at his company than any of his employees.

    They both just live their lives. I don’t have statistics, but I believe more people survive, than die. You are the queen of research, maybe you know.

    Love you columns, thanks for the gift of your time and knowledge.


  2. I should say living with cancer instead of fighting cancer. That would be a truer description.

  3. We’re all terminal. But life goes on until it doesn’t. To give in to any disease and sit wringing your hands until it gets you, simple wastes valuable time. I have a friend who has had “terminal” cancer for 15 years. Her doctor gets embarrassed every time she goes in for a check up. In those 15 years she has become a grandmother, written two books, built a new home and and hiked the Appalachian trail. Now THAT’S the way to do “terminal.”

  4. Dear Cousin, so enjoy your blog! You Know the human race is such a paradox. We do things that are not good for us as reward! We have to work hard to develop habits of kindness to ourselves. Wish I could have visited with you when I moved Mom. We received many kindnesses and blessings at that time, but it was still a 12 hour a day physical and mental sapping 9 days. Even now I am thinking of making some life changing decisions that would result in better care of me and allow time for the things that are most important in our lives. Stay strong and happy.

  5. Pat, so happy to hear from you. Saw on FB you had been by Loretta Lynn’s hometown and wondered if that was on your route. Fill me in on your Mom – you can address it to my email (e_bjones@yahoo.com).

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