Labors of Labor Day


I’ve decided that since I’m retired, Labor Day will be the one day I work.  I can relax 364 days during the remainder of the year.  Therefore, I hit the ground running at 6 a.m. and didn’t stop until a few moments ago

I gave out of gas about the time I received a text from my son, William, (formerly Justin) who had just cleaned out his spice cabinet.  His pictures motivated me. Since he is the food and beverage manager at Tennessee”s oldest and grandest hotel in Nashville (The Hermitage) I decided I needed to do the same.

BeforeHe said he threw away every can or tin of spices or herbs past the date of expiration. He said they might as well have been ashes from his fireplace in terms of flavor. 

Well!  I never thought of that.  No wonder my cooking has become so bland.  So I took everything out of the cabinet and could not believe what I had or how they had fit into that little cabinet.

I gritted my teeth – and one by one I threw them all away.  It really hurt since I probably dumped $300 worth of spices – half of which I had no idea how to use.  What is marjoram for?  Anise? 


Here’s what came out of that cabinet.   I know.  I’m way beyond functioning properly. I can wait to go buy the only spices I ever use:  Lemon Pepper, sea salt, garlic powder, basil and rosemary.  I wish I could say I use thyme – but I don’t know what it’s for and I had three tins – all full. 

My friend, Kay and I have been trying to figure out a course of study we can take at MSU since it’s free now that we have reached the age or 60-or is it 64, maybe 68?  We are taking a culinary course so we can figure out the use of thyme.

Happy Labor Day and I highly recommend cleaning out the spice cabinet if you’re of a “certain age”.

4 thoughts on “Labors of Labor Day

  1. My girl friend you were busy
    I need to do some purging myself want to come over and cheer me on??

  2. Or, with your green thumb, you could grow fresh tarragon, basil, rosemary, basil & parsley like I do. Sure beats the store bought stuff.

    Kay, love your Thyme comment.

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