Larry’s Hideyhole delivers, but hold the chitlins

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My First Friday “Lunch Bunch” (which has never met on the first Friday that I can recall) added a new wrinkle to our dining experience today.

In search of the perfect burger, we were advised to visit a place called “Larry’s Burgers and Thangs.” It’s located deep in the most rural part of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. We’ve renamed it Larry’s One Stop Carwash, Bait Shop, Burgers and Chitlins.

Oh yes, Larry was cooking chitlins (chitterlings, I believe is the proper spelling) today, and we almost ran screaming into the woods. I’ve never smelled anything like it and don’t ever want to again. I visited my local Walgreen’s after lunch and other patrons were looking at me strangely and moving away. I was wearing Eau de Chitlin.

I do recommend Larry’s – just don’t go on Friday when them chitlins is cookin’! Larry was an excellent host and even went and changed his shirt before we took his picture.

Lunch bunch with Larry

He has a wonderful menu. The burgers are his forte, but I can’t wait to go back to try his ham and cheese club monte cristo. He also cooks wonderful ribs on Friday. So if you want ribs, you’ve got to endure the chitlins.

Jane and Luly

Jane and Lulu got a little drunk from chitlin fumes.


me and jane

Jane Perry with me above, said the coconut cake was beyond belief. Jane teaches school in Maben, Mississippi and visits Larry’s regularly. They didn’t even have to take her order – they knew what she wanted.

The naked burger.

My experience wasn’t what it could have been. Since I’m training for my half marathon, I had to make Larry hold the cheese, bacon, mayo and fries. I did steal a fry from Lulu, but it tasted a lot like what I imagine chitlins might taste.

Overall, I give Larry’s five chitlins on a scale of 5 chitlins. I should have eaten a chitlin and it could have qualified for my new year’s resolution of trying one new thing a month. But, frankly, I’d rather parachute out of an airplane which is never going to happen.

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