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Last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

pumpkin magic

I’m always looking for clean new centerpiece ideas for my Thanksgiving table. Avoiding those elaborate Martha Stewart style table tops is my number one  priority – as is anything that inhibits good conversation.

The pictured centerpiece above is just right for my buffet table.  If you can’t find white pumpkins, not to worry.  Pumpkins take to spray paint like ducks to water – an enamel gives them a wonderful shiny finish.

As a bonus, you can re-spray them red, gold or silver and chunk them into a basket on your front porch for Christmas topped with a big red ribbon!

I also love these two-toned pumpkins I found at Walmart.  They can make a nice table runner, embellished with some berries from the holly bushes around my place.

Of course, candles create the perfect atmosphere and allow you to dim the lights if you haven’t quite finished your housekeeping chores.

By the glow of candlelight, no one’s the wiser.  A big candle in a glass jar is enhanced by corn, even candy corn makes a nice bed on which to anchor your candles.  I’ve also used black-eyed peas, acorns, tiny Christmas balls, unshelled nuts and rocks as the base.  What could be easier.

In case you’re like me a burn the bread before dinner, you might want to pick up one of those new flame-less candles make by Febreeze (see photo below).

They come in heavenly fragrances and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow them out.

I think I do the one below for my Christmas buffet.

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