Last party at Miss Wilma’s is bitter sweet

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While the Prairie Arts Festival was noisily setting attendance records outside in the boiling heat today, the girls of the Class of 65 were holding their own noisy festival of sorts –  just off the festival site in downtown West Point, Mississippi.


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We had three missions today – celebrate the entry of three more classmates into the kicking scene of “Route 66” (our euphemism for growing older) and encourage our classmate, Beth, and her sister, Jane, in the monumental task of cleaning out their mother’s beautiful and historic home.

Miss Wilma Hooker, left us last spring after a spectacular ninety-three year run, but it seemed like she was sitting around the kitchen table with us – laughing and remembering the times of our lives

Above, Marie Portera is pictured with Olivia Portera, Ruthie Weathers and Beth Herron, with one of her gifts – a box of Cracker Jacks. Wasn’t it only yesterday that’s what we gave her  for her birthday?

cracker hacksCracker Jacks must have hit hard times because the prize was pretty droll – a stick-on tatoo…no spinning tops, no miniature soldiers, no whistles.  What a drag.

Oh, yeah, we also attended the 35th edition of the  Prairie Arts Festival.  Beth and Jane got zilch done because it was just too overwhelming and our gang was  no small distraction.

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Betty Lynn Cameron (Swamp Daddy) and Jane served up some hot tamales from Greenville where Swamp will be staging the Hot Tamale Festival.  Mark your calendars for October 19 when the Route 66 girls will hold their next board meeting.

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Someone mentioned how much we would miss sitting around Wilma’s old oak table and eating cake on someone’s birthday.  Linda Barton Aultman brought the cake as she always does, made by a friend in Hattiesburg.  This may have been the best one ever.  Likewise our times together get better and better.  What a great way to grow old.  Scuse me, make that grow “Old-ER.”

12 thoughts on “Last party at Miss Wilma’s is bitter sweet

  1. Precious memories and fun times, it is always fun to visit our hometown West Point, MS.

    Emily, thanks for taking us along “Route 66”, ya’ll sure do make it fun!!

    Susanne Allen Thomas

  2. Today was a great day! Enjoyed seeing everyone, and I especially loved the birthday cake! Thanks, Barton…..

  3. Emily, that made me sad; and I don’t even know any of those people except you! What fun and what fond memories for each of you. Husband and son Jay and I were at the Festival for a couple of hours. Whew! I believe it was the hottest ever.

  4. Emily, maybe if no one in the family decides they want the kitchen table, we can call it “Miss Wilma’s traveling table.” We can each keep it for a year, eat birthday cake around it and then pass to the next Marganita. Glad “Miss Wilma’s table” cannot talk. I know she was smiling down on her girls today.

    Had fun girls and love to all!

  5. Thank you girls for a wonderful birthday celebration!!!! Betty Lynn, the hot tamales were delicious and we are looking forward to seeing you again at the Hot Tamale Festival in October. We will bring a cake along just for the heck of it ….it’s the best and surely we can find someone in Greenville having a birthday!!!!! Norma, guess we’ll have to figure a way to take “Miss Wilma’s traveling table”…..maybe we can haul it in Damron’s car!! 🙂

  6. Wonderful article about a great day and sweet,sweet memories of a lady who always enjoyed our “gatherings” ! Thanks to all for a fun day!

  7. Dang Marie, i bought a different car a few weeks ago. However; that car is for sale and would make a nice vehicle for y’all to tool around in. Y’all could customize it with a little mini bar in the back seat.

  8. We sure like that “honking big” car! Norma and I think you should donate it to the “class-y girls of ’65”. However, we would like for you to make a couple of modifications….hot pink exterior with zebra prink interior and in your honor, we will name it “Damron’s Dat Mobile”!!!!!

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