Learning to say “NO”


NO.  Such a teeny little word, but one that gets caught in my throat from time to time. 

Although there are only two letters in the word – "n" and "o" – when put together, they are apparently very difficult for many folks – especially of the female persuasion.

Saying "yes" too many times, can lead to a cluttered life and too much stress. 


  Here are a few tips from Glynnis Whitwer, (author of “I Used To Be Organized,”) on how to say "no" with grace.

  1. If you know the answer is going to be "no," then offer it quickly.  Delaying an answer only adds an underlying stress to your life. 
  2. Keep your response simple.  A complicated response sounds like you are making excuses.
  3. Keep your response truthful.  There’s always a way to speak the truth with love.  If telling the full truth would be painful (For example – I don’t like you!), then look at the bigger picture.  Perhaps a simple response that you are trying to focus on existing priorities or simplify your schedule could be appropriate.  
  4. Close the door completely.  Don’t say, "I’ll trying to make it."  Or, "Maybe we can stop by later."  People see right through these comments.  Just close the door now so you can move forward.

If someone asks you to help with a project that you don’t have time or interest for, try saying, “I’m trying to be a better steward of my time. As important as this request is, I hope you understand, but I need to decline.”

Most people can understand this type of an answer.  And there’s no way to argue with it. 

Over-commitment is a rampant problem for women today.  If we learned to say "no" better, I’m confident we would be on our way to becoming more productive women.

One thought on “Learning to say “NO”

  1. I finished another MSU purse in black and white. It turned out really cute. I would like for you to have it IF you really want it. If you don’t think you would use it, just say “NO”. It will be a gift.

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