The Deluded Diva

Leaving the fast lane


As long as I can remember, I’ve been rushing here and there – trying to raise children, carry on a career and keep my house “mother-in-law” ready.

Since I retired two years ago, I’ve continued to race around like a mouse on a treadmill.

WHY, pray tell?

I’m filing away self-imposed deadlines, lofty goals I’ll never

reach in this lifetime (size six just isn’t going to happen) and impossible dreams that no longer interest me. (Prince charming must have run off with someone else and is  now her problem.)

Today, I’m sipping life slowly, and giving up the gulp that is more likely to choke than satisfy.

I got up early and watched the sunrise, accompanied by the babble of birds who continue to sing despite war and pestilence.

Sweet memories rise and fall – of summers past when we chased fireflies rather than the almighty dollar and played kick the can in the twilight – instead of figuratively kicking our enemies and extracting vengeance whenever possible.

Like Henry David Thoreau, I’m taking my axe and heading for the woods to conduct an experiment on living simply, free of standards and rules that no longer apply.

Whew!  Now, to go take a nap….

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