Let the Mardi Gras begin, Cher

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After two months of dreary, icy weather, the folks in my town were ready to get out and kick up their heels a bit. Today the sun peaked out and we were ready to find a party.. Mardi Gras seemed like a good excuse.

Nobody throws a better party than Emmett and Beverly Smitherman.  Today they opened their home to a bunch of pale-faced people who haven’t seen the sun since last October.


Okay so we got a little out of hand. Emmett, the host, top left is pictured with Mary Howard and her husband, Lee, a Clay County guy who is a cousin to Jimmy Wood, and a second cousin to Aunt so and so….sorry, I get carried away when I meet home folks.



My friend Paquita,Denson, right, celebrated her 49th birthday.  Shirley Dawkins, left.will turn 18 next month. Ah, to be young again.

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