Let’s go earthing in 2013


One of the hottest trends heading your way in 2013 is something called “earthing” and I can’t help but remember that I grew up “earthing” and didn’t even realize it.


Earthing is the new buzz word for 2013.  It stems from  the theory that the surface of the earth contains a subtle, natural electrical energy that provides us numerous health benefits.  Among ways to “earth” are going barefoot, and sitting or sleeping on the ground. (Hmm, think I’ll wait until spring to try it out!)

Emerging research indicates this planetary energy does boost the body’s self-healing mechanisms by reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep, and helping defuse stress.  Maybe being “down to earth” is best after all.

Down here in Mississippi we didn’t wear shoes from May until September unless it was to go to church. And one of our favorite pastimes was to sleep out under the stars in Linda Robinson’s drive-way during spend the night parties.  We were “earthing’” fools and didn’t even know it.  For sure, I don’t remember feeling any stress in those days and I never heard the word inflammation.  That malady was still 35 year off for most of us.

Ideal locations for earthing are on the beach, close to or in the water, and on dewy grass. My girlfriends and I are planning a weekend in a remote cabin out around Tibbee Creek in Clay County – to do a bunch of earthing.  I  heard a bottle of wine is a great accompaniment to an evening of earthing.  We’ll test it out and let you know.

3 thoughts on “Let’s go earthing in 2013

  1. can your mascot please gooooooooooooo. I promise that what happens at Tibbee Creek stays at Tibbee Creek 🙂

  2. OMG, I’m an earthling too, but I no longer like to sleep on the ground. Barefoot in the grass is still heaven!

  3. Hi,

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    Mother Earth has more to give than we can imagine. So let’s take good care of her.

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