Let’s hear it for Tattoo Barbie

tattoo barbie

Nothing surprises me anymore.  Not even this morning when I heard about Tattoo Barbie.  I’m just surprised it took so long.

Yes, Mattel now has Tattoo Barbie who also comes with a gun.  She’s getting some flack from ole curmudgeons like me, but it’s probably too late, unlike several years ago when Barbie’s pregnant friend made the scene.  She was pulled because of the public outcry.

The company says it just wants to be relevant.  I don’t really have anything against tattoos, in fact I have the beginnings of a vericose vein thing going on my left leg that looks like a railroad track. I’ve been passing it off as a tattoo and no one seems the wiser.

I’m just wondering what’s next for the darling of several generations of little girls.  Terrorist Barbie who has a bomb under her skirt? Botox Barbie with big puffy lips?  (After all she is turning 50.)

How bout Crow’s Feet Barbie? Or Hip replacement Barbie?  That would be really hip.  The list could go on. But if Mattel really wants to be relevant with its 50 something doll, they’d better get real.

I’ve got it!  How about Lipo-Barbie.  She can come stuffed with Crisco and carry her own fat sucking hose.  I’m sorry.  I should let this go before it gets out of hand.

7 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for Tattoo Barbie

  1. No we had Ginny dolls. Remember – short fuzzy hair – only about six inches tall? And of course, Tiny Tears was my all time favorite along with Betsy Wetsy. Those were the days.

  2. I never had a Barbie doll and never wanted one. I loved the baby dolls that you could cuddle and carry around like a real baby. Emily, I also had a Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears. When Mother downsized and we cleaned out her attic, I discovered that she had saved all my dolls, doll clothes, and doll bed. Even though they are old and no longer fit to play with, I don’t have the heart to throw them out. So many good memories are associated with them.

  3. Oh I wish I still had Tiny. Kept up with her for the longest but she lost an arm back in the 80s and died a slow death after that. I would give anything to have her back. Did you have a “bride doll” – those came around in the early 60s when I was about too old for dolls.

  4. No, I didn’t have a bride doll, but Mother bought one after I was married and displayed it when hosting bridal showers, teas, etc. I think my niece has it now.

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