Life is short – wear your party pants

TAP32-Party Pants

Coming off two weeks with the flu, I still have no energy to get out and resume life.  As I shut down the television set last night and headed to bed, I had a vision of myself in ten years.

It wasn’t pretty.   I was still wearing the same oversized tee shirt with wording on the front that says “Leave me alone, I’m taking a moment.”  That moment has grown into days and the days have turned into weeks.  My hair is still in the same ratty pony tail, but it’s turned white to match my skin which is pasty from lack of sunshine.


Americans spend as much as half of their downtime plopped in front of the television according to the U. S. Department of Labor.  But so much of what we’re viewing is like empty calories… and Lord knows I’ve had enough of those.

Is this what I want my life to be like?  Watching endless episodes of “Monk” and “CSI” alternated with visits to that evil place called QVC?  My hand has atrophied into the shape of the remote control and I’ve had to purchase seat belts for my recliner (afraid I’ll fall out in a television-induced stupor).

So, today I’m turning over a new leaf and rejoining the human race.  I promise myself to have some fun and spend some time with real live people who like to laugh.  I’m going to make a list of things that bring me joy and do at least three of them (the ones that don’t involve eating chocolate).

I’m going to put on false eyelashes and my party pants.  I’m gonna be a girly girl again and see if I can’t get my life back.

4 thoughts on “Life is short – wear your party pants

  1. Em,
    There may be an upside. Since you’ve been a bit “off your feed,” those party pants could be a little loose ! ! Glad you are back with us, attitude in tact.

  2. Em,
    I’m STILL worried about you — that’s not enough to wear, even in summer!! Cuz

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