Little girls playing all “grown up”.

marganitas at Beths 023

Yesterday we were playing hop-scotch.   Without warning we were playing “grown up.”  Then, someone told us we were eligible for senior citizen discounts.

We killed him. Don’t mess with the girls of West Point High School.We’ve been  getting recruited by the AARP. Makes me want to B-ARPF

playing dr4essup

The girls of West Point High School rode again today, celebrating another entry into the year fifty-twelve.  Still middle aged, mind you. We gathered to usher Linda ( top center) into that circle. Beth – who doesn’t even cook, made the fabulous strawberry cake – recipe follows. Plus we also got to shop around her trunk show, she calls “Dirt  Cheap on Parkway.” (her home in Meridian, MS)

Beth travels around to clothing markets and picks up pieces to sell around the state at deep discounts. I think she always has us in mind when she buys her clothes.

marganitas at Beths 018

Now look at those gorgeous women (above). I must note there’s been no plastic surgery here. No lines, except from laughter.

beth, norma

No artificially plumped lips, no muffin faces. Just real women coming into their own.  Don’t EVER CALL US ELDERLY.  We’ll whip your glass so fast you won’t know what happened.

Oh yes, the cake.

Beth’s Strawberry Cake -(it made 3 layers) – I understand that a Bed & Breakfast in Oxford serves this – named for her!  How many of us have a cake named for us.

Box yellow cake mix

4 eggs

1/2 cup oil

1/2 cup water

Large package frozen strawberries (10 ounces)

regular package strawberry jello.

Mix and pour into three layer pans.  Bake at 350 degrees.


8 ounces  cream cheese

1 box powdered sugar

1 stick oleo (what the heck is oleo?)

1 tsp. vanilla

strawberry juice if needed.

This was delicious and I don’t even like any dessert that doesn’t fit in the chocolate category!

11 thoughts on “Little girls playing all “grown up”.

  1. Girls, today was sooo much fun! Beth, thanks for allowing us the
    honor of leaving our mark on your town today. We appreciate your
    kind hospitality. Linda, don’t you agree the best present for your
    b’day is spending it with good friends? Emily, thank you for getting us
    to and from Meridian in record time. Marie, hope you made it home on
    time. Ruthie & I made it back to WP with time to spare. The next time
    we go to Meridian, we know where to stay and who not to ask for
    driving directions. I am still laughing out loud from the trip home. I
    know people that pay large amounts of money to be entertained and we
    didn’t have to spend a dime for our laughs. Again, what a day!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amen Norma. My laugh lines get deeper everytime I’m around ya’ll. But I wouldn’t trade them for all the puffy lips in Hollywood!

    Do you think we should tell Beth we returned home by way of Butler, Alabama and Dekalb, Mississippi? Or about beating up on that deputy sheriff in Wabadaba? Nah.

  3. What a BLAST! Just when you think we can’t have any more fun…we have MORE fun!!!! We should look into providing the entertainment for Ruthie’s new venture. Norma, I arrived home precisely on time (not one minute to spare)…Emily is a woman of her word!

  4. This weekend a friend called on a whim, and we headed to Memphis to the Orphum. The show was “Menapause, the Musical”. It was halarious. If it is anywhere within driving distance and you and your friends have an opportunity, take the time to see it. I gurantee you’ll enjoy and laugh, laugh, laugh. they have a website,

  5. Barbara, thanks! I’ve heard about it. I wish we could have met you and your friends there and watched it together. I have a feeling we are soul-mates. It would have added years to our lives. I heard that laughter can counter attack all the negatives we get from all directions these days. What a HOT show, pun intended.

  6. OMG…I was at the show Menapause on Saturday…the 2:00 show. Where were y’all????? I would have loved to see y’all…..

  7. It only played thru Sunday. It should have stayed a week, or more. It was Great!!!

  8. Well, shoot. You’d better let me know the next time you plan such an entertaining outing. I will drive up – only takes me about 2-1/2 hours. What fun that would be to see it together and fan ourselves trying to ward off the hot flashes!

  9. Hey Barbara– you and Paula were in the theater together Saturday enjoying a play I’ve got to see.. She asked me who you were. I really don’t know? Can you fill us in?


  10. Sure am thankful for this blog, as it helps me keep up to date with your antics. Keep on having fun – I think all the girls of W.P. are the only ones who know how to continually laugh and have fun.

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