Live, laugh and dance on the table

best dancing

My “tribe” did a little war dancing today – on a table no less.  That’s something I’ve wanted to do all my life and lately we been doing a lot of it.


better dancingThe “tribe” in this case is anyone who graduated from West Point High School in 1965 (and a select few from 1963).  The tribal conclave decided to dispense with business and make some music while  Bob Marshall (left on sax) and Frank Portera (below on guitar) appear to be making the music.

Pictures can be deceiving.  The music was actually emanating from Bob’s pocket where Pandora was belting out some 50s favorites.

Ah, the miracle of technology.

Suddenly, as if by magic the threatening clouds parted.   We began to feel the earth move under our feet as the table threatened to collapse.  Yet, it did not.  The bolts held.  Meanwhile all  worrying, wondering and doubting just faded into the sunset. A perfect and predictable ending for a tribal meeting.

crips dancing

busting outAnd then Frank broke out in song…”I’m an old cow hand…from the Rio Grand,…” and the tribe scattered, never to be seen again.

And that’s the end of a beautiful story.


Photos by Caroline Harrell Atkins who is filming a documentary about the “tribe.” featuring Bob, Emily, Frank along with  Beth Hooker Herron, Norma Clark Atkins, and Marie Portera and 125 other surviving members of the class of 65 who could not find Tibbee because of the road construction of Hwy 45.



4 thoughts on “Live, laugh and dance on the table

  1. Y’all look like you’re trying to surf on a table instead of dancing.

  2. Oh — how much fun ya’ll are having!!! I want to do it too. When you come to Chattanooga (which I hope you do), I’ll show you a TON of fun places to go and things to do. Tomorrow, I’m having dinner with some girlfriends down in the Bluff View area (Back End Cafe)…. next to the B & B where you said you’d be staying when you come…. and then we’re going to see Xanadu at our Theater Center….. which is actually a theater center extradonaire with some of our shows rivaling the same Broadway show. It is the place where Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) got his start way back when. Oh yes — and Dennis Hoskins as well (the principal on “Saved by the Bell”)….. + many others. Looking forward..

  3. Hey Shelby, so good to see your post on here! Hope all is going well for you. Call me when you’re back in WP and I’ll round some of the girls up for lunch or dinner. We promise, you will not be bored! Small world! Dancing on the table is definitely a stress reliever and should one fall, we’re there to pick each other up …
    We’re all looking forward to a Chattanooga trip!

  4. Hey Shelby. The question is – can we get up to see you before we go to Tuscany? I can only imagine the fun to be had when we invade Europe – trying to talk Norma into going too.

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