Living with a wild cat

mittens 002

My new roommate, Clint, brought his kitty over when he moved in with me. In case you missed the preface to this scenario, he is a tenant of mine whose apartment flooded. He moved in with me last Monday and we’ve co-existed – very comfortably I think – for the past six days. I will miss him when he’s gone.

BUT his cat is kind of mean and she scares me to death. She appears to look into my soul and find me deficient in some way. Or she remembers that I stole that chalk from my second grade teacher to draw hop scotch on the sidewalk. That has haunted me forever.

2 thoughts on “Living with a wild cat

  1. As an animal lover, even I find your visiting cat a little strange looking!
    Is his/her nose that color, or had he/she been into something???

  2. That is too funny! Very very true on how a cat looks deep into your soul adn seems to use your deepest darkest secrets against you without even meowing a word!!!!

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