The Deluded Diva

Are you an LOL (Little old lady)?

Creeping Little Old Ladydom is everywhere. As my classmates who matriculated from high school in 1965 continue to turn 70, we have been obsessing over how NOT to  look like the stereotypical image of a little old lady.

Imagine my horror when I spotted a list of telltale signs that you’ve reached that dreaded stage of life.  I had 30 out of the 40 signs and I’m making changes TODAY.


My gang knows the moniker LOL is around the corner but we all yell in unison “NOT TODAY!

The biggest problem with becoming a LOL or an antique is that you miss out on the fun of being alive in the 21st century.  I found a list describing how you’ll know when you have.arrived at this stage of life.

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