Are you an LOL (Little old lady)?

Creeping Little Old Ladydom is everywhere. As my classmates who matriculated from high school in 1965 continue to turn 70, we have been obsessing over how NOT to  look like the stereotypical image of a little old lady.

Imagine my horror when I spotted a list of telltale signs that you’ve reached that dreaded stage of life.  I had 30 out of the 40 signs and I’m making changes TODAY.


My gang knows the moniker LOL is around the corner but we all yell in unison “NOT TODAY!

The biggest problem with becoming a LOL or an antique is that you miss out on the fun of being alive in the 21st century.  I found a list describing how you’ll know when you have.arrived at this stage of life.

  •  save every rubber band that shows up at your house.  I’ve already pitched the drawer-ful I was hoarding (except four, you never know when you’ll need one).
  • Close your mind to any movie made since the turn of the century especially it is features super heroes;
  • Bend over to pick something up then stay down there in case you see anything else needing attention;
  • Need glasses to find your glasses and order the same dish every time I go to a restaurant because I forgot my glasses and can’t read the menu;
  • Think “old” is 10 years older than we are regardless of age.
  • Take half an hour to divide up check when having lunch with friends;
  • Get common sayings all wrong like “I wouldn’t trust him with a ten-foot pole.” (Instead of run of the mill I often say Mill of the Run.)
  • Remember when we didn’t dare kiss on the first date much less than anything more!!

8 thoughts on “Are you an LOL (Little old lady)?

  1. I’m definitely a LOL accordingly no to thirst descriptions. Haha. I’m embracing it!

  2. I am glad you posted!! I was just thinking about you today!! What is hard is when you see a old person and after a few minutes recognize they were once a classmate!! Lol!! A friend called last week hysterical about Teen Vogue. Her 13 yr old granddaughter gets the magazine. This issue has graphic instructions for a sexual act. She was thinking back to how innocent the 1960’s were!! The generation of Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!!

  3. Reminds me when my aged mother was alive and she told me “they” were building a “Cracker Box” down the road. It dawned on me that she was talking about a “Cracker Barrel” ! And then, Emily, when I reminded you about the song “Willie, Willie” when we were in college. (It was Louie, Louie!) LOL!

  4. I graduated high school way ahead of you….1958. Not ever going to be an “old lady” because I won’t quit charging at life. It does seem to be a low powered charge.

  5. Love this and so true! When I dress to go anywhere this is one of the questions I ask I dressing like a ? LoL.

  6. Thank goodness I am not a LOL since I am barely less than 10 years older
    than these 70 year old rowdy refreshing West Point girls. Y’all are the

  7. Working hard to reverse some of the LOL trends. #1 is clean out the “junk drawer”. I don’t have enough time left to use 50 rubber bands.
    BTW, how’s my driving??

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