The Deluded Diva

So long, old friend

My favorite place to do some serious walking, running and thinking is the walking trail around the lake just outside the Athletic Complex on the campus of MSU. I don’t know if it has a name but it should – something like Eckky’s Pond II (for you MSU grads who know such landmarks). 

It is located right along Dudy Noble field where I spent so many good times, and they are relived each time I go to the walking trail.

I was shocked and dismayed when MSU announced Dudy Noble Field would be dismantled to make way for a new and better baseball stadium.   I just didn’t realize it would be this week. With it went a  constant reminder of my fella Jack, and good friend Joanne who shared Skybox No. 1.  They are no longer with us.

i hung on the fence designed to keep the likes of me off the premises. With tears in my eyes,I watched as the skybox where I spent so many weekends, fall into a mangled puddle of metal . It looked like someone had blown it up with a IUD (no wait that’s a birth control device – make that IED?  I tried to find the remains of the beloved “left field lounge” where we watched games when it wasn’t too hot or cold or just wanted to cut up.

I was first introduced to college baseball 18 years ago by Jack (pIctured above with football’s Coach Mullen who visited the box). Jack played short stop for the Dawgs in the 60s and was an avid fan. I didn’t know a thing about the game and really didn’t care.  On our first date, he took me to a game. Bored to tears, I kept asking when the halftime was.   Lordy by the 7th Inning stretch I had learned about “ducks on the pond” and RBIs.  I was hooked.

Dudy Noble was one of the finest baseball venues of its time and certainly the best in the Southeastern Conference.  I can’t imagine what will take its place but it must be “mighty fine” to top old Dudy.

So long old friends, but my long term memory is still in tact and I’ll carry fond memories forever. Tomorrow I’m going to bribe the demolition crew to bring me a few remnants of the skybox.  Heaven knows what I’ll do with them – maybe make a necklace and some earrings?

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