Looking for a new birthday cake idea?

Daddy's 86th 003

Wal-Mart is doing the coolest thing.  You take a photo to the bakery, and they will scan it in and miraculously imprint the edible photo onto a cake from the deli.  It’s just kind of hard to eat someone’s face!

Daddy's 86th 002

Braddock and I took the cake over for a breakfast birthday party for Daddy and Gordon Hazard who share August 18 birthdays.  Daddy is 86 and Gordon is 87. B is pictured above with his granddaddy prior to the cutting of the cake.

What fun!

3 thoughts on “Looking for a new birthday cake idea?

  1. I heard about the cake from my husband and Sara Hazard. Thank you so much for posting a picture of it——-I had a hard time trying to envision it! It really is very impressive!

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