Lost my Luck, but memory is sweet

Today I lost the streak of Luck which has orbited my life like a second moon for the last 10 years. (She had just finished doing my taxes, photo above. Bless her soul.)

My Lucky Dawg – who showed up on a cold winter night in 2007 – left us today, but she created hundreds of good memories and a warm feeling that will remain with me forever.  I think Teddy, Cajun and Tubby (my other meaningful departed furry friends were waiting to welcome her at the end of the “Rainbow Bridge” as she crossed over. Her human mother (me) could be heard in the background begging for her to come back.

It was time and her job on Earth was complete. I have made peace with her passing but my Boston terrier Rebel Dawg, and P. Diddy, the stray cat, are confused.  They wander around looking for their sister who also ruled the roost, if truth be known.  She was queen and we were her humble subjects. 

Rest in Peace Lucky Girl.  You tried to show me how to live life in the moment but I never could get the hang of it.  You also gave me unconditional love that is rare in this world.




21 thoughts on “Lost my Luck, but memory is sweet

  1. Emily, so sorry. That’s a big one. You are a wonderful fur baby mom. They leave a BIG hole!! Love you, Ann

  2. Emily, so sorry. Our fur babies leave a big hole in our hearts when they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Thinking of you, Sweetie.

  3. Thanks to all. In Lucky’s memory I was hoping to adopt a small puppy whose owner has had to give them up for whatever reason,. Please drop me a note if you know of such a case. Lots of love circulated in this cottage. Accounting experience helpful but not critical.

  4. So sorry! ? You named her right, Lucky Dawg! Thankfully, she experienced the good life when she found you.

  5. So sorry to read this Emily. Those who have not had a Lucky in their lives have truly missed out.
    Soldier on,

  6. So sorry Emily. But I do understand.. I’m living with two furry old souls right now.

  7. Emily I understand fully what you are going through, I lost my German
    Sherpard last month after 13 years and still have not gotten straight on that lost. Remember they have no pain and are with their friends in the next life enjoying the treats forever. God Bless you.

  8. Sorry for your loss. I know how much you hurt. Prayers for all of her family, you Rebel, and P Diddy. Especially for Lucky. If you can bear to do it, I think it would be nice to help another dog that needs you. ❤️

  9. Emily, my heart understands your ache for your little Lucky dawg. We have had to to say goodbye to a few of ours that had been with us for long years. They are just like family. The only thing that helps is for us is to get another. You focus on the new baby that already loves you forever after about an hour, after six treats and a little love. By the way, Jim thinks Braddock hung the moon. He teased him last time and told him to never go out of town again without letting him, Jim, know first.lol. Love you girl. Sandy.

  10. Sweet, sweet memories that you will have forever. She was truly one “Lucky Dog”.

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you’ll find comfort in thinking of Lucky Dawg romping around Puppy Dog Heaven with your dearly departed fur babies.

  12. To make matters worse I had to attend the memorial of my longtime friend and one-time boss – Tom Dawkins – this afternoon,. He is partially responsible for introducing me to Starkville and showing me how to become “true maroon”. He hired me as director of the chamber of commerce back in the 70s and said (and I quote verbatim) “We can’t have someone in this position with a Colonel Rebel on their front lawn.” I didn’t and I don’t. I have a concrete bulldog (and a real dog named Rebel). Forgive me, Tom. He did a lot for the City of Starkville at a critical time and I don’t want to forget that. Thank you for all the kind words. It helps.

    I’m in such a nostalgic mood this afternoon – I drove around town listening some poignant oldies and thinking about all the friends who have come and gone.

  13. So sorry, Emily. Just went through this so I know how had it is to give up our furry family members.

  14. Oh my, Emily. I’m so sorry about Lucky girl. My heart is aching and my tears are flowing as I fully recognize your sorrow. After being your fur baby for 10 years, Lucky is lucky once more to be running and jumping as if a puppy again, and you are lucky to have had her in your life and to have known that love that only she could give. RIP, Lucky Girl. You know what true love is all about.

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