Lost on memory lane


I spent a half a day yesterday trying to think of the name of 1960s heart throb and King of Cool, actor Steve McQueen.

I remembered every movie he played in, along with the television shoot-em-up (Wanted: Dead or Alive) that propelled him to national fame.


I remember he was married to Allie McGraw and what he drove – a Chevy.  The reason I know is because my sorority sisters and I drove from Ole Miss to Carrolton in 1969 to watch him film The Reivers.

I remember that he died of mesothelioma though I never heard of it until the 21st century.

But try as I might, I couldn’t pull up his name.  No one else could remember either.   After a good night’s sleep I awoke this morning and yelled STEVE McQUEEN!  It came back – slowly, reluctantly, -but it did came back!

Sleep must be the balm that oils our memory mechanism.  I haven’t been doing much lately and that must be why my memory is on the blink. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One thought on “Lost on memory lane

  1. Just like any computer, the more stuff in the memory bank, the longer it takes to find it!

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