Celebrating “old” friends

carole morton, farmers market 012

First of all, we NEVER use the term “old” but I can’t think of any other way to describe my best buddies.  We’ve been playing together since we were in the sandbox.  In honor of Carole Higgins who lost her mother this week we held a potluck over in the Point where we grew up together. Carole commented that she has never heard of a class of kids who have grown closer through the years.  We may not get together for months, only to watch the years fall away and we’re 15 again when we gather for a reunion or one of our famous “girls getaways.”  This time we let the men in our lives join in the fun. Until next time, girls….

3 thoughts on “Celebrating “old” friends

  1. Always a comfort to my heart… when I’m with my homies. I love you guys!

  2. Always glad to hear about this group getting together even when this instance was prompted by some sadness. Carol, I was sorry to miss your mother’s visitation and a meeting with you. Your mother was an example to all of us in the way she lived her life.

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