Lucky Dawg gets a new bed

lucky's new bed

Lucky Dawg rules my house. I adopted her one cold rainy February evening when someone put her out on the highway and told her to sink or swim. I came along and picked her up – flea bag that she was – riddled with heart worms and hungry.

I spent $400 to get rid of the heart worms and told her she had to eat Wal-Mart or generic dog food for the rest of her life. She knew better. I now buy hot dogs and toast them in the microwave for her daily treats.

I took Lucky and Rebel Dawg to the farm this morning for a run and she came home with cow dooky on her paws and sat right on my love seat. I decided to get rid of my “love” seat because it’s never really worked for me anyway, even without cow dooky. It certainly won’t work for me with the smell of cow dooky.

Moving it was another matter – It wouldn’t fit through this door

not here either

Didn’t work here either.

never here

It got stuck by the refrigerator…

not here

I tried to move it through every door in my house and no deal. It wasn’t going anywhere. So I opened up the French doors to my back porch and parked it there forever. Lucky loves it.

Lucky’s World

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