Make mine fried – on a stick, please


The Prairie Arts Festival returns to the Golden Triangle tomorrow and I’ll be there.  I’m thinking of fasting today to get ready for all the “fair” food which will be in abundance.


Fried pickles, fried peaches or fried Snickers (see left)  — if it’s fried, on a stick or both, it must “Fair food."

I understand a man in Texas has even come up with “Fried Beer”. 

Can’t say that sounds very appetizing, but the latest in fair food is the fried Pizza (see below).


I’ll probably try it.  But first, I’ll check out the location of the ambulance. 

2 thoughts on “Make mine fried – on a stick, please

  1. Having the world’s most massive sweet tooth I couldnt’ wait to try the fried Snickers. Even for me, it was just too sweet! Good thought though. I’ll just take my Snickers straight from now on.

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