Male genetic dirt blindness


My friend Martha sent me an e-mail regarding male genetic dirt blindness, which I believe is a very real disability. I don’t know where this information originated, but here is an excerpt from her e-mail. (Sounds like Dave Barry to me.)


“A new book has confirmed a theory that I first proposed in 1987, in a column explaining why men are physically unqualified to do housework,” wrote the unnamed author.

“The problem, I argued, is that men — because of a tragic genetic flaw — cannot see dirt until there is enough of it to support agriculture. This puts men at a huge disadvantage against women, who can detect a single dirt molecule 20 feet away.”

“This is why a man and a woman can both be looking at the same bathroom commode, and the man — hindered by Male Genetic Dirt Blindness (MGDB) — will perceive the commode surface as being clean enough for heart surgery or even meat slicing; whereas the woman can’t even see the commode, only a teeming, commode-shaped swarm of bacteria.”

“A woman can spend two hours cleaning a toothbrush holder and still not be totally satisfied; whereas if you ask a man to clean the entire New York City subway system, he’ll go down there with a bottle of Windex and a single paper towel, then emerge 25 minutes later, weary but satisfied with a job well done.”

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  1. You are right about, that. I know a lot of men, who don’t know how tpo blil water, too. I started cooking, when my Mother was real sick and continued and today as I live alone, I am so happy I had my Mother, and 2 grandmothers, who I learned a lot from.

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