Marathon preparation still on go

26 RUN

Several people have asked if we’re still preparing for the half marathon in Nashville in April.  I don’t blame them for being skeptical, since I rarely finish anything I begin.  Granted, the New Year is still young, but this feels different somehow – maybe because I have support.

My running buddies aren’t going to let me slide. We’ve picked up a fourth teem member and we’re right on track.  We ran/walked 6.2 miles yesterday after church  for our “long” training day. It was beyond invigorating. In fact, I haven’t felt so good since I got my junior swimming badge in 1956. Of course, we capped off the work-out by going to City Bagel for BLTs and Girtle Busters. NO GUILT!

Believe it or not, I only had one small corner of Judy’s humongous gooey bar.  After working that hard, I wasn’t about to cave.

Next week, we do seven miles on our “long day.”  In the meantime, I’ll do my lonely three miles in The Hump – the nickname for Humphrey Coliseum – located on the campus of Mississippi State University, a stone’s throw from my house. I can’t use sub-freezing temperatures or rain and sleet as an excuse.

I bought some new running shoes, plus those “walk-fit” thingies you see advertised on television.  Let me tell you, they deliver. Judy bought me some of those new-age ear muffs which are much more attractive than the ones my mother made me wear to grammar school.

We’re locked and loaded.

I’m also cutting way back on by scotch and cigars.

2 thoughts on “Marathon preparation still on go

  1. Emily,
    Explain what the walk-fit thingies do for those of us who’ve not seen it on TV. That sounds interesting.
    I did a little purchasing for fitness myself — got a Speedo top the same color as my Speedo swim suit that does not absorb water. It has fairly long short sleeves — maybe to the bend of the arm, and comes down over the bottom of the suit. In this frigid air, one just needs something to keep the cool air off while still wet (even indoors).
    Cool air is just not good for the freshly fatigued muscles after a work out, and probably not right before either. By Feb., most of the sports store I sometimes visit should’ve completely re-loaded their swimming section for the new season, so perhaps I will be able to get back there and find a really good warm-up jacket for between events when I compete.

    The elite swimmers really “suit up” between events — we’re talking work-out suits, hats, socks, gloves, the works. They get more exercise changing clothes so many times between events than I do swimming practice laps! Very fashionable, though — also, paid for by advertisers.

    By the way, will you and your companions have a sponsor or sponsors for this event?

    Like being able to follow your progress. Sure sounds like you all are well on your way to a successful run.


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