Mama’s got a brand new Jag

marie's new ride 002

There’s one thing I can say about my best friends, Marie and Judy.  We share and share alike.

marie's new ride 007

Marie’s vehicle has been misbehaving lately and in the meantime, she’s driving in fine style. It was a loaner by our mutual boyfriend, Bob, from Amory. He started out as Judy’s friend, and now we’ve all adopted him.

What a great friend.  I’m gonna call Bob today and tell him my truck is on the fritz and see if I can use the Jaguar for a couple of weeks after Marie is finished with it.

Marie and I share pretty much everything.  We shared a date with Conley Cox last weekend for the 45th reunion of the Class of 65.  She’s even letting me borrow her grandchildren whenever I want them, since I have none of my own.  What a deal!

2 thoughts on “Mama’s got a brand new Jag

  1. Emily,
    I’ll share my granchildren,4 boys. What’s the youngest age for prison time?
    Some of mine might be candidates.
    Can’t share any cars,some things are just too sacred!!

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