Memo to self: improve something in September


I’m so happy I could jump for joy.  My favorite month approaches. As the last few hours tick off August, 2009, we face a brand new month and a clean new page on the calendar. 

I bought a great Daytimer in Nashville for my son’s birthday but he preferred the latest Cleve Cussler novel, so I bought him the book and claimed the daytimer for my own.



I opened it to September (it begins Sept. 1 and runs smack through 2010) and discovered it is International Self improvement month. (Aren’t they all?)

I began to jot down some of the key areas needing improvement but ran out of ink.  They included my financial discipline, my relationship with my spiritual center, my relationships with people (other than Lucky Dawg and Rebel), my health regimen (or rather my UNHEALTHY regimen), my intellectual stimulation and perspective which is at an all-time low since I got a high definition television, and everything else you can think of.

Here are some tips on how to launch your self improvement month.  I know HOW to do it, I just don’t follow my own advice because I know how unreliable I am!

First, sit down with a large piece of paper and a new pen.  Make a list of everything you would like to improve from healthier cooking to becoming a better parent or grandparent, daughter, friend, neighbor, etc. Don’t leave anything out.  Explore yourself with courage and determination with this list.

Optional: Ask a friend or colleague to list anything that they see you could improve on. Check both lists to see if there are similarities. I don’t recommend this method since I haven’t found a friend yet who is willing to be brutally honest.   If you have an enemy, it might make more sense to run it by them!

  • Step 2 – Go over the list and take 10 items you choose to improve on. Write them individually on sheets of paper. Then on each sheet of paper write down ideas and ways to improve that particular area. (The book says 10, I would suggest five so you’ll have a better chance at success. I may attempt three.)

  • Step 3 – Commit yourself to the improvements you choose. Place a check mark by each idea, each time you partake in improving. At the end of the month you can review your list and you will have formed good habits with those positive improvements.  Good luck. If you accomplish anything at all, you can parlay it into October resolutions.

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