Miracles still happen when you least expect them

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Last fall I lost a treasure I could never replace – at least I thought so at the time.

I was trying on clothes at Chico’s in Tuscaloosa and pealed off some unbecoming shirt – probably yellow.  Who can wear yellow without looking anemic?  Along with the hideous shirt went my silver locket – a piece I’d had for 30 years. It contained photos of my two most favorite people – my sons.

As I drove home, I suddenly felt “light.” I reached to finger my locket which I wore every day of my life.  It was gone.  Frantic, I tried to think where I’d been and where it might have been lost. Somewhere around Vernon, Ala., I remembered Chico’s awful yellow shirt.

I called the store and sure enough they found my locket the dressing room.  Since I’m a Chico’s “Silver Customer” – the nice lady agreed to mail it to me.  Two days later the envelope arrived – a tiny cut had been made in the envelope and the locket had been removed.

The post office said it probably hadn’t been stolen – just wouldn’t go through the postage meter so they took it out.  Right.  I left phone numbers in case it turned up, but I knew someone else was wearing my locket.  I wonder if they have my boys pictures still inside.

Today, my neighbor, Brenda, called to say she had a surprise for me.  She came over and pulled a little sack out of her jeans.

MY LOCKET! Well, not really my locket – but a better facsimile –because it had some fabulous etching which my old 1970s version didn’t have.

Brenda owns a gift shop in Starkville – Alma’s Attic and the Merle Norman Studio.  She has been looking for a locket like the one I lost for months.  At last, she found it. She brought it over and held her hands behind her back and said, “Which hand do you want?”  (I love that game.)

I cried, she cried.  Isn’t life grand?  And miracles show up when you need them most.

You might notice the little “bean” beside the locket.  It was given to me by someone else that I love very much.  It is a red bean from New Orleans jewelry designer Mignon Faget.  The bean is for luck.  I added it hoping I never lose my locket again.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t put so much importance on material things.  But hey. You glean strength from the oddest sources.  I’m back, yall.  I’ve got my locket.

A personal note to my friend from Ponchatoula– I ‘m not risking sending my precious moon vine seeds in your envelope –  You will receive a little box in a few days.  They are also compliments of  Brenda – the miracle lady.  She says to wait to plant until Good Friday and let them run wild. You will have the biggest treat come September.

6 thoughts on “Miracles still happen when you least expect them

  1. Oh, I love getting mail!!! I know that miracle lady must be the always beautiful Brenda Montgomery!! She and her sweet sister Ginger have been friends of mine from way back during college days! I met them and their precious parents at church long ago! (Tell them I’m Bo’s mom!) Thank you all!

  2. Oh, and I’m so glad Brenda was able to find the locket for you!! A friend of mine found a scarab bracelet in my yard in Bay St. Louis after the storm-it was from my college days.

  3. Can’t wait to tell her, Ann. She lives across the street from me and is a great neighbor and friend. Ginger lives four doors down – their mother died last August. So, are you from Starkville? I didn’t get your moonvine in the mail today because we are in the midst of the Ragtime Festival.. Monday, I promise!

  4. I was always a Starkville “wanna-be!” I graduated from Weir High School and came to the big city to go to State in 1965. After I married and graduated from State, I lived in Starkville until 1984, when I divorced and moved to the Atlanta area. Came back to Mississippi in 1998, and settled in Bay St. Louis until the big blow! Then, I moved my mother and me to West Point, where we lived for a year, just behind your daddy’s office. My long-time Ponchatoula boy friend got lost the one time he came to West Point, so he decided to marry mama and me, and that’s how we ended up in Louisiana. My son works at State, and lives in my house in West Point, where I occasionally visit. I miss Starkville!! Looking forward to getting the seeds to see how they like Ponchatoula!

  5. Thanks for the background, I’ve been wondering. You and I are the same age – which I won’t mention. How did you find my site?

    Listen, I’ve got your seeds all wrapped and ready to mail on Monday – be looking for them. I’ve been with Brenda all day “plant swapping.” She said to say hello, and that you need to come visit us next time you’re in The Point. And Shirley found me some arugula. I’m ecstatic.

  6. My good friend, Suzanne Simmons Dressel, who is now a Georgia girl, told me about The Deluded Diva- she always was so smart, and she knew I’d enjoy reading your blogs- I do!!

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