Miracles still happen

Art in the Garden 2012 003

“Art in the Garden” is over, thank heavens.  It was a huge success – because we had beautiful gardens and the Hilton Garden Inn fed everyone breakfast. I’m not stupid. Breakfast sells.

But Linda Sanders (above) made it mystical. She’s the blond 30-something girl painting above..  (She’s really 60 something and I want to be her. She’s the most beautiful senior citizen I’ve ever seen.)

Art in the Garden 2012 005

I want to tell you Linda’s story.  It gives me hope that maybe there’s a reason to hang around.

Linda was a wife and mother who felt she had no talent. Her mother Jean, corroborates her story. Her stick figures were an embarrassment in grade school and she never progressed beyond that.

One day when she was 54 (seven years ago), she was talking to her mother on the telephone and began doodling.  She looked  down and saw what she had sketched – Leonardo Di Vinci could have done it.  She was so spooked that she didn’t go to sleep that night.  She painted and painted because she felt that God had given her a special  blessing and could take it away any minute.

Linda has been painting ever since. I watched her painting today and she gets  totally lost in her art.

My favorite “ friend,” Marty Southern Friend  of West Point stopped by. She and I tried to channel up a talent we might have missed.  Marty said “Gosh, I want to learn to sing.”

She remembered the ugly words that destroyed  her singing career in Junior High. Miss Nell Millard, our choral director all those years said, “Mawtha, don’t you sing, honey.  Why don’t you just mouth the words.”

It’s okay Marty, I think she told me the same thing and I was in the SEXtet…

6 thoughts on “Miracles still happen

  1. Just checked your site to see if there were pics of the tour and, to my delighted surprise, there was my daughter, Debi (the one in black) and her friend since kindergarten days, Amy. Debi had emailed me some pics of the gardens since I was unable to make the tour and they were beautiful. I can tell a lot of people did a lot of work.
    Exciting about Linda and the way she began her art career.

  2. I think it was a huge success! Thanks for your hard work Emily, you did good.

  3. Hi Emily! I just stopped by mom’s and she asked me to check something
    on her computer…well, I pulled up the sweetest surprise….your column
    and pics. Thank you so much for your kind (very kind!) words…You always
    make me laugh…but, this brought tears to my eyes. You were so much
    fun Saturday; an absolute blast to be with and yet still taking care of
    Art in the Garden business, too…a woman of many talents!

  4. Thank YOU Linda. I guess you could say we have a tiny mutual admiration society. I remember so vividly Nell Slaughter telling me about your talent and how you kind of fell into it overnight. I didn’t believe it until I saw your paintings at the Hilton Exhibit. You are marvelous and I understand portraiture is your specialty. Thank you for being one of our featured artists.

  5. No thank YOU Kathy, for being one of our featured artists. We couldn’t do this project without talented people like you who give their time so selflessly. Can’t wait to see what you did at the O’Bannons. I was working the Carver garden and couldn’t get away to visit. But I hear everyone had a great time and the music was fabulous.

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