Model citizens and exuberant ‘agents’

cropped book cover

Several people have asked who my models were for the front cover of my book “Love, Laughter & Losing my Keys.”   Well, they are my best friends for five decades including from left Norma Clark Atkins, yours truly who is high on Ensure – seriously, that’s what we are drinking (or was it a Cosmopolitan,  I forget) , Brenda Wiygul  Chambliss, and Marie Portera.


I promise this is the last word on what has become known as “The Book” which is flying off the shelves.  Seriously, I’m as surprised as you are.  But I just figured out why.  Marie, Norma and Brenda have a little competition going to see who can sell the most!  God Bless ‘em!

Just a program note – Upcoming book signings will be: from 3-5 p.m. at The Book Mart in Starkville,  6:30 p.m. on October 7 at Boardtown Garden Center in Starkville; October 10 from 4-6 at Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University; and October 14 at The Ritz Convention Center in West Point (10-noon).  There are a few more in North Mississippi in November and December but I’m hoping they will be sold out by then – thanks to my “models” and self proclaimed “Business Managers.”

12 thoughts on “Model citizens and exuberant ‘agents’

  1. I am told that Rose’s Drugs will ship me a copy. I need two copies. One for me and another for Danna from Fawnskin, CA, who has become a great fan of your’s since I introduced her to your web sight about 3 years ago.

    We love you and love your humor.

  2. WOW did I mess up my previous post. Donna’s name is DONNA and not Danna.

  3. Hope you’re saving me a signed copy for when I see you in November. Actually that’s just about 6 weeks from now. A
    mazing how this year has gone by so fast.

  4. Ordered signed copies fr Rose’s yesterday. Cannot wait to
    Receive and read it. Congratulations

  5. Hey Emily, got your book Tuesday and finished it today. Absolutely a great read!! Even BETTER than Moby Dick!! 🙂

  6. Oops- failed to mention that 1st signing is TODAY at The Book Mart (3-5). Then, taking the weekend off for Mississippi football. Go Rebels. Go Dawgs.

  7. Could you please provide ordering information for those of us who are, unfortunately, way out of the Starkville area? Thanks much!

  8. Hi Jane, we wee planning to put on Amazon but I’m not sure I will have enough for the scheduled book signings which are scheduled through February, 2015. Not sure yet if I want to reprint. But i can send you one if you will send me your address. Please mail

  9. Hi Emily,
    How are you?
    Can’t believe I’m so far behind on what you’ve been up to lately.
    Is it still possible to get an autographed copy of your book?
    Please catch me up on you and yours.
    Cuz Nancy

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